Prime Hay Farms produces the highest quality Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, Bermudagrass hay, Clover hays, Oat hay and Orchard Grass here in Bloomfield, NM 87413, United States. We strive to produce the best possible hay that provides high nutrition and digestibility to the animals that you value the most. We are here to serve all your hay needs in the US and worldwide as we offer both national and international delivery worldwide.

The quality of all grass hay has much more to do with management than with variety. Timeliness of harvest, proper drying, soil fertility levels and weed control are the most important factors affecting hay quality. Our goal is to produce hay that contains a moderate crude protein level and a low acid detergent fiber level. This will result in a highly palatable, highly digestible product that will help maintain your horses body condition and reduce the incidence of digestive problems.

The Prime’s Hay Farms is owned and operated by the prime’s family here in the US with 30 years of trust from serving our clients with the best hay and 24/7 customer service. We are happy to receive buyers from all over the globe to visit and buy in person but if the buyer will not be able to make it here , then we are however pleased and happy to organize delivery right up to your location ( since all our prices includes delivery to your door steps and we take care of everything, custom duties, clearing port fees, etc ).

If your hay is being delivered to you, payment is required in advance and in full. No hay leaves the property unless it has been paid for. Payment can be made via Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle or Bank transfer for huge orders. After Payment we get to organize delivery of the hay right up to your location. We offer delivery via road with our trucks, via rail and ocean freight for orders overseas. Hay is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because of the fluctuating nature of the hay market, hay is only reserved for customers who have paid for their hay in advance and in full. We however offer volume discounts on bulk orders and our discounts fluctuate with the market as well.